What's Your Social Voice?

As a business owner, having a social media presence is important when you’re trying to digitally convey your message. We’ve all heard that tone can get lost in an email. You know, when you thought Susan was being snarky, but really she was just reminding you to turn in your TPS reports. Now that we know Susan’s motives weren’t malicious, can you imagine being a customer and thinking your business was always in a bad mood? Or didn’t really care about their customers? The tone of your social media presence should reflect your business and YOU. Yep, you, you are the face, the brand, the name even. Your personality should shine through.

Maybe you’re now thinking, “I don’t even run my own social media! How can my voice ‘shine through’?” Whether you’re personally doing it, tasked an employee or hired outside help, your voice still matters. How you want your company represented to the public matters. You can take a step back, but still help steer the voice or tone of your company.

Sometimes delegating these tasks can be tricky, you don’t want your voice to get lost and you definitely don’t want just anything to get posted with your name on it. Vetting the right people to be responsible for this job is important, making sure their personality matches your goals and seeing that they have variety in their styles of communication.

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