Is There a Wrong Way to Network?

Updated: Jul 29

In a nutshell, no. But you might not be capitalizing on all the resources available to you! As a business owner, you may be wondering, “how do I get people to choose me over my competitors?” There is no easy answer to this one, but by networking you are opening yourself up to other business owners who could become good resources for you.

Networking allows you to put your brand, business and products out into the wild with little to no cost. In turn, you will be business owners who may have services you or someone you know can utilize. It’s a give and take relationship, if you aren’t returning the referral favors, you may soon see your referrals dry up.

Be courteous, make sure you aren’t just taking referrals from your networking groups and giving nothing back to those people who are doing your leg work for you and you may soon have a growing, prosperous business. If you’re looking for a group, give us a call and we can help direct you to one that might be a good fit.

Not every networking group is for everyone. Some groups do have membership fees, while others are free to visit/join as your leisure. It’s important to find a group that fits your style, needs and comfort level. You might not be ready to jump into a paid-membership networking group your first year of business, so also consider the cost-to-value ratio.

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