Do I really need HR?

It’s a question that’s crossed every business owner’s mind at least once: Do I really need Human Resources? The simple answer is, yes! But how extensive a “department” will vary from company to company, and is really contingent on the size of your operation. From hiring employees, keeping them engaged and supporting everyone’s growth along the way, Human Resources is essential to having a well oiled machine.

Here are our top four reasons why having Human Resources Department is key to your success and the success of your organization:

1. Having an HR department (or person) is critical to your bottom line. HR virtually touches every aspect of your organization. Your employees’ experiences, productivity, training participation and turnover rates, rely on an established HR department.

2. Do you want your employees to be engaged? Of course you do! An HR department that

has been carefully designed and developed helps keep your employees engaged in the

workplace. Keeping your employees engaged will also contribute to their overall

satisfaction and help build effective leaders.

3. Do you have a company with managers and team leaders? HR supports them, too! The

success of your HR Management can be seen in the behaviors of your company leaders. Where do team leaders or managers go when they need to hire new employees? HR. Where do they go when they need support in resolving performance issues or guidance on promotions and compensation? You guessed it, HR! Having team leaders who are supported by good human resources managers, helps create an environment that is going to thrive from all the support. When you build each other up, your foundation will be strong.

4. Company growth. Did you start a business just to hope it wouldn’t grow beyond you? Ok

maybe you did, maybe you’re a lone wolf type and you had no intention of having employees, that’s fine. You do you. BUT for everyone else you had dreams of being the

next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, you probably assumed that your company would grow and

you’d end up with at least one employee. Once you start hiring, you will need HR guidance. You probably don’t need to go out and hire a whole person to run the department, but other resources are a Human Resources Consultant who can offer part-time or as needed consulting that will aid in your growth.

Business owners are not all the same, advice is not one-size fits all. It’s important to do the

small things now, so that as you grow, you aren’t running into big problems down the road.

Having a well established employee handbook and policies in place that allow growth is crucial. Handbooks are a great place to get started, but give us a call for a Human Resources consult today!

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